Christmas Lessons

“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing, but of reflection.” Winston Churchill


I have strong and very fond memories of childhood Christmases. 

Laughter, games, food and real excitement.

Now it has become more of a time of quietness and reflection for me.

A time to look back at achievements and losses.

To review the year gone by.

All the bustle and ‘doing‘ really got to me this year.

It overwhelmed me.

The words ‘too much’ seemed to rise in my body daily.

Too much food. Too much activity. Too much stuff.

I  have nephews and nieces and so I shopped a little, but as I looked around I couldn’t help but see the haves…but more importantly the have-nots.

I couldn’t bring myself to spend more than a little on these wonderful people in my life.

I didn’t want to complicate their young lives with more things to clutter their space.

When people invited me to out I wanted to scream ‘No!

I wanted to slow down. To stop and listen to what this year had meant to me.

People seemed to be filling their space and time until they stopped dead. Exhausted before ‘the big day’.

I noticed how it was pushed more and more. Television inviting us to constantly spend money and gorge ourselves on food and booze.

In the end it shoved me the other way.

I drank juice not wine.

I ate salad not pudding.

I put on pyjamas instead of a party dress.

I turned inwards.

Used meditation, release, intention setting for the year ahead.

I wanted to improve life for the year ahead, instead of pressing the repeat button.

It helped.

The time I spent amongst others became more enjoyable. More present. 

Instead of rushing around making a meal for two on Christmas day, we walked together.

Enjoyed the quiet space of a Winters morning.

Ate sandwiches on a picnic bench.

Aah simplicity!

It was wonderful


This year I’m trying not to listen to the outside world too much.

I’m trying to hear my own voice.

My truth.

My inner knowing.

It takes a little practice to stop myself being drawn in to the hurly burly of life.

But it is so worth it.

The calmness. The peace. The freedom that comes from it is amazing.

Try it.

Reveal your true self.

Embrace your being and be free.

Happy travelling.

Yours authentically



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