“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

–  Golda Meir


I’ve always tried to control my life.

By taking action I was achieving my goals. Right?

Constant learning through webinars, books  and courses.

New jobs, interviews, big challenges.

It taught me a lot.

But lately I’ve wondered what its all been about.

I recently had a lesson in letting it all go.

A time where I had to relinquish control.

I had to allow life to guide me.

To open to it and all it had to teach me.

As Wayne Dyer puts it  I had to “Let go and Let God.”

It was painful and I dug deep in to some really gritty old feelings.

But things suddenly became a clearer.


There were opportunities and life paths I had never seen before.

I realised I had let go of physical stuff, clutter in the house etc.

But I was still hanging on to the “I am not good enough” pattern I had since I was a child.

Still deep down trying to achieve and ‘fit in.’

I looked around me.

I decided time is now my most precious commodity.

All I had to figure out was how to find more of it.

Work less and become freer.

My plans are still just that at present, but it feels so much better to be open to it.

Nothing is ever how we plan it anyway.

We are NOT the ones in control.

We have to trust.

If you can just let go of the need to be more…have more.

And allow.

Let all that shit go!!


Try it.

Look around.

What are you clinging to for dear life.

Free yourself now.

Yours authentically




4 thoughts on “Allowing

  1. Superlative, Emma, you have now realised, like I did, that I had already spent far too much of my life in the futile pursuit of ‘acceptance’. Once I had taken off the ‘Crown of Thorns’ which I had placed on my own head, nobody else, me, I found my confidence and self worth and began to grow and burgeon. I finally discovered that ‘Confidence is not “Will they like me?” Confidence is “I’ll be find if they don’t”.

    It is joyous for me to watch you spreading your wings and walking the path to enlightenment and to be authentically who you really are.Congratulations.

    Caroline Elliott



    1. Ahhh. Yes. It is a hard road. But so worth it.

      Let’s keep travelling x


  2. Encompassing the essence of our discussion- your words ring so true to me – I need to focus on what is truly important to me


    1. Hi Kira.

      It begins as work but then as it becomes a habit. All your days become clearer and much, much richer. Enjoy x


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