Movement. Nature. Connection.

‘In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.’ ~ John Muir

The Summer Solstice kicked off my holiday to Spain and the beginning of an opening, a slowing and an awareness of my surroundings again.

I began to slow down just before my holiday with a walk on the evening of the Solstice. Stopping. Sitting and sipping my tea I enjoyed the calmness and connection to the wind.

It’s been a busy time . . . for both of us,  but it wasn’t until my journey to Spain that I realised just how busy!

We began by visiting the Alhambra.

As soon as the heady scent of Jasmine in the garden of San Francis hit me. I cried.

This sudden connection to my senses woke me up. Jolted me out of a daze.

How had this happened when I felt so in tune before holiday?

I was too busy doing and not busy being.

I spent the next ten days slowing, meditating and enjoy nature again. We were travelling around but we walked and listened and talked. We didn’t bark or shout or react to each others comments. We actually communicated and we worked quite well as a team.

Walking and the swimming were the biggest deal for me. I wasn’t just checking things off my “been there, got the t-shirt” list.

We swam at a naturist beach. The freedom that brought me and my body was amazing and something I would recommend to all. Despite the initial discomfort  of being naked around others, I thoroughly enjoyed connecting completely to the water. It was pure and I felt free, untouched, reborn even.

On our final day we booked to walk the Caminito del Rey. or The Kings’s Little Pathway, called this because it was first opened by King Alfonso XIII. This is one of the most beautiful spots in the Malaga Mountains. Beautiful blue green lakes surround this popular spot and it has an amazing history.

The route now follows the old path of the workmen which has been used by adrenalin junkies for a while now.

It was hot. Very hot.

I found this adventure hugely testing. I do fear heights but this was something more. Something deeper and  a richer experience to learn from.

I realised it was my ability to trust that was troubling me. That was the fear that bothered me and had been for a while.

Trust of myself and my ability to provide for myself. Trust of the people and the World around me, the floor underneath me even.

Would I fall? My logical mind told  me, ‘No’

My subconscious – my emotional and Spiritual bodies told me deeply that I wasn’t sure.

Being unsure of the world and how it supports me has come up a lot this year and it’s something I have been keen to work on.

But again – I’ve been busy seeking the answers, bustling around finding solutions  to the problem rather than listening to the ones I already have.

So trust I had to do and so I did.

It was fine. Physically I knew I would make it over that bridge with a seemingly endless drop!

All through the walk it stayed with me.

My lesson was TRUST.

Just fall and see what happens has never been my style but I  listened more deeply as I walked.

I’ve always been supported and the tough lessons I have had to learn have all turned out alright in the end.

But to know this and to feel this are two completely different things.

Invigorated was the feeling on completion and the lesson was now revealed.

Movement. Connection, Nature. It’s always how I find my answers.

Slowing and allowing yourself to quieten is not just a mindful pursuit but  it will allow you to listen to your own voice. The one that is crowded out by work, family, the to do list etc, etc.

Meditation is not just sitting around on a cushion OOOMMM – ing your heart out.

It is how ever you can quieten the chatter. Whatever way that is for you. In whichever way allows you to take a breath and find your own answers.

I charge you with this quest.

Yours authentically



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8 thoughts on “Movement. Nature. Connection.

  1. Well done, Emma, I am so pleased that you learnt a lot of helpful things about yourself whilst you were in Spain not least, that you have to shut out the chaos, listen to your heart, and you will grow exponentially on your wonderful path to being authentically who you are. The author, Thich Nhat Hanh, has written a book, The Miracle of Mindfulness in which he suggests you carry out each and any task ‘mindfully’, with your mind truly focused on what you are doing and to shut out the chaos – close the monkey mind. In time, even washing the dishes mindfully helps reset your inner calm. Congratulations. Keep on going on your important journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments. I try to always be mindful especially when carrying out daily tasks. There is a beauty to those chores too when you slow down.


  2. Love this, Emma. Beautifully done. Slowing down and being mindful has been a theme for me over the past several years. It’s a journey. But I am grateful for every mistake made and every lesson learned. Light hiking is a great way to get in sync with nature, quiet your mind and energize your spirit!


    1. Thank you so much again.
      It has been my theme for a while now too. It seems hard at first as we are taught to be ‘doing’ all the time but when you realise that isn’t what life is about the release and freedom that comes with that realisation is amazing.
      Thanks again for your kind comments. I look forward to travelling the path with you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Just lovely Emma.
    I think maybe I need to slow down too and enjoy more of my long walks and beautiful surroundings.
    Thank you for sharing this with me.


    1. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I hope you enjoy some more.


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